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How do I use StreamReader in C#?

How do I use StreamReader in C#?

StreamReader. ReadLine() method

  1. // Create a StreamReader from a FileStream.
  2. using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(new FileStream(fileName, FileMode.Open)))
  3. {
  4. string line;
  5. // Read line by line.
  6. while ((line = reader.ReadLine()) != null)
  7. {
  8. Console.WriteLine(line);

What is using block in C#?

The using declaration calls the Dispose method on the object in the correct way when it goes out of scope. The using statement causes the object itself to go out of scope as soon as Dispose is called. Within the using block, the object is read-only and can’t be modified or reassigned.

What is StreamReader class in C#?

C# StreamReader class is used to read string from the stream. It inherits TextReader class. It provides Read() and ReadLine() methods to read data from the stream.

Do I need to dispose StreamReader?

Yes, StreamReader , StreamWriter , BinaryReader and BinaryWriter all close/dispose their underlying streams when you call Dispose on them. They don’t dispose of the stream if the reader/writer is just garbage collected though – you should always dispose of the reader/writer, preferrably with a using statement.

How do I convert MemoryStream to StreamReader?

MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(); entry. Extract(ms); StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(ms); DataSet ds = new DataSet(); ds. ReadXml(reader); dataGridView1.

What is advantage of using block in C#?

It provides a convenient syntax that ensures the correct use of IDisposable objects, also we can see implementing using is a of way shorter and easier to read.

What is the C# Using block and why should I use it?

In C#, using statements define a new scope block. Any variables declared inside of a using statement are local to that block. At the end of that new scope the dispose method for that object is called. Another way to ensure the correct use of disposable classes is to use a try-finally block.

What is a StreamReader?

StreamReader is designed for character input in a particular encoding, whereas the Stream class is designed for byte input and output. Use StreamReader for reading lines of information from a standard text file. Important. This type implements the IDisposable interface.

What happens if exception occurs in using Block C#?

Answers. The exception is thrown, because there is no catch statement in the compiled code. If you handle the exception within the using block, your object will still be disposed in the compiler-generated finally block.

How do you use StreamWriter and StreamReader?

To read from or write to a file, the File class provides 2 methods that return a StreamReader or a StreamWriter object respectively, in other words: CreateText(string filepath): To write data to a file; returns a StreamWriter object….StreamReader And StreamWriter Classes In C#

Member Description
Read() Reads the next character from the input stream.

What is the difference between Finalize () and dispose ()?

Finalize is the backstop method, called by the garbage collector when it reclaims an object. Dispose is the “deterministic cleanup” method, called by applications to release valuable native resources (window handles, database connections, etc.)

What is the difference between dispose and Finalize variables in C#?

The main difference between dispose() and finalize() is that the method dispose() has to be explicitly invoked by the user whereas, the method finalize() is invoked by the garbage collector, just before the object is destroyed.

What is streamreader class in C?

Functions of StreamReader Class in C# Data is read from the files using Streams in C#. The stream is the extra layer between the application and the file. Data from the file can be read smoothly by making use of the stream.

How does httpclient work with streamreader?

HttpClient sends HTTP requests and receives HTTP responses from a resource identified by a URL. An HttpClient and the URL are created. The StreamReader can take streams as argument as well. We asynchronously read from the URL.

Is streamreader thread safe in Java?

By default, a StreamReader is not thread safe. See TextReader.Synchronized for a thread-safe wrapper. The Read (Char [], Int32, Int32) and Write (Char [], Int32, Int32) method overloads read and write the number of characters specified by the count parameter.

How does streamreader detect UTF-8?

The StreamReader object attempts to detect the encoding by looking at the first four bytes of the stream. It automatically recognizes UTF-8, little-endian Unicode, big-endian Unicode, little-endian UTF-32, and big-endian UTF-32 text if the file starts with the appropriate byte order marks.