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How do I use an Adelaide metroCARD?

How do I use an Adelaide metroCARD?

Hold the metroCARD in front of the validator or the mark on barrier gates (or insert your ticket) and wait for the light and/or sound that tells you it has worked. You don’t have to tap your card or use your ticket when you are leaving the vehicle. Find out more about how to catch a bus, train or tram in Adelaide.

Do Adelaide buses take card?

To travel on the public transport system, you’ll need to pay your fare using either a rechargeable plastic metroCARD, a paper Metro Ticket or tap and pay with a credit card or smart device on trams only.

How do I get a concession card in South Australia?

You can complete an online application available from the Concessions Page on Alternatively, contact the Department of Human Services Concessions Hotline and arrange to have a form sent to you.

What is a concession card SA?

Helps people on low or fixed incomes with household costs such as council rates, electricity or medical bills. Full details.

How do I validate my Adelaide MetroCard?

You must validate your metroCARD every time you get on a bus, train or tram (unless you are catching a free bus or tram service), or when you go through train station barrier gates. Yellow validator machines are located inside the doors of all vehicles. On most buses, you must get on through the front door.

Who is eligible for concession card SA?

You’re also eligible if you’re 60 or older and for more than 9 months have been getting one of these: JobSeeker Payment. Parenting Payment partnered.

Is the Adelaide Oval bus free?

Adelaide Oval Express Services Travel is free upon presentation of a valid event ticket.

How do I put money on my metroCARD Adelaide?

Adelaide metroCARD recharge options

  1. through your online metroCARD account (if you’ve registered the card with us)
  2. at the InfoCentre in the Adelaide Railway Station.
  3. at metroCARD retailers or vending machines across Adelaide.
  4. using a vending machine on-board trains and trams.
  5. by calling the InfoLine on 1300 311 108.

Does Adelaide have a hop on hop off bus?

Trail Hopper offers Adelaide’s only hop on, hop off tour service departing from the Central Business District and showcasing three of South Australia’s finest wine regions – the Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, and Hahndorf and Adelaide Hills.

How much is the tram from Adelaide to Glenelg?

Tickets cost $4 and the journey takes 28 min. Alternatively, Adelaide Metro operates a vehicle from City South Tram Stop to Stop 17 Moseley Square every 15 minutes. Tickets cost $4 and the journey takes 30 min.

How do I get a concession in South Australia?

To apply for household concessions, you can use the online application form or scan and email your completed application to [email protected]. Processing delays may apply to applications received by post.

Is concession card and Health Care Card the same?

A concession card to get cheaper medicines and some discounts if you get a payment from us. You may get a Health Care Card if you get specific payments or supplements from us. You’ll get it if you’re on the maximum rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A.

How do I apply for transport assistance in South Australia?

Permanent residents of South Australia who have severe and permanent disabilities which limit their capacity to use public transport independently, can apply for transport assistance. You may need help from a general practitioner, medical specialist or mobility instructor to complete the application.

What is the best MetroCard for Adelaide Metro?

A rechargeable plastic metroCARD is the best option for frequent passengers on Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams. The fare you pay each time you use your metroCARD depends on the time of day you travel and any concession cards you have.

What is carer assistance on the Adelaide Metro?

It allows them to be accompanied by a carer who travels free of charge on all Adelaide Metro bus, train and tram services. Permanent residents of South Australia who have severe and permanent disabilities which limit their capacity to use public transport independently, can apply for transport assistance.