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How do I test Oltc?

How do I test Oltc?

The OLTC contact degradation can be detected by using winding resistance measurement in all tap positions. The winding resistance measurement is performed by passing a DC current through the transformer winding and reading the voltage drop across that winding. by analyzing the graph shape, as explained in.

What is function of Oltc in transformer?

On-load tap changer (OLTC), also known as On-circuit tap changer (OCTC), is a tap changer in applications where a supply interruption during a tap change is unacceptable, the transformer is often fitted with a more expensive and complex on load tap changing mechanism.

How does an on load tap changer work?

This is accomplished by installing a load tap changer onto the transformer. The LTC actually changes the transformer turns ratio by moving among a number of access points or “taps” on one of the two windings, thus either raising or lowering the voltage supplied to the customer.

What is tapping of transformer?

What is Transformer Tapping? When a no. of connections are brought outside from any points between the terminals of the transformer winding maintaining a distance then it is called Transformer Tapping.

What is de energized tap changer?

A de energized tap changer is a switch, which is connected to the winding taps of the transformer. When the tap changer is moved from one position to another, the amount of the tap winding connected into the circuit is changed.

What is Oltc?

There are two types of transformer tap changers: an on-load tap changer (OLTC) and a deenergised tap changer (DETC). Note that not all transformers have tap changers. An OLTC varies the transformer ratio while the transformer is energized and carrying load.

What is the difference between Oltc and Rtcc?

RTCC stands for Remote Tap Changer Control. It is used to control the transformer output voltage by controlling the OLTC unit of the transformer. As we know the OLTC (On Load Tap Changer) is responsible to change the transformer output voltage.

What is Rtcc and Oltc?

Where is Oltc connected?

On Load Tap Changer or OLTC The tapping arrangement, is placed in separate divertor tank attached to electrical power transformer main tank. Inside this tank, the tap selectors are generally arranged in a circular form.

What is Oltc diverter switch?

Diverter switches of OLTC perform switch over operation between the taps of the transformer, in which they are embedded at a leap. Speeds reached during this process are very high.

Why tap changer is connected on the HV side?

Why tap changer is placed on high voltage side? The tap changer is placed on high voltage side because: 1. The HV winding generally wound over LV winding hence it is easier to access the HV winding turns instead of LV winding.

Why is Oltc connected in HV side?

Mostly the power transformer is used for both step up and step down action. In that, the power transformer’s turns are in the high voltage side is higher than the low voltage side. Therefor placing on load tap changer circuit on high voltage side which give fine voltage regulation.

What is PRV in transformer?

A Pressure Relief device (PRD of Transformer) is also called Pressure Relief Valve(PRV). A (PRV) is a type of valve used to release stored gas in various equipment in order to maintain an optimal pressure level. PRV opens gradually as pressure builds up in order to release the necessary amount of pressure.