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How do I show popups in ADF?

How do I show popups in ADF?

Time for action – showing a popup to the user

  1. Go to the index.
  2. Right-click on the Command button and select the Insert inside the af:commandButton –Commit option and the select the Adf Faces option.
  3. Click on the Show Popup Behavior option in the Insert ADF Faces Item window:

How do I auto dismiss AF popup dialogs?

Set the AutoCancel property to enabled allows the user to close the note window by clicking anywhere outside of the dialog. Note: if you use af:dialog instead of af:noteWindow you can also use the dialog listeners or the OK and CANCEL buttons to allow users to actively close the dialog.

How to programmatically invoke a popup in ADF Faces components?

You can programmatically invoke a popup in ADF Faces components to deliver the results of an actionEventto the server or you can show, hide, or cancel a popup as a result of the server-side response. You can programmatically show, hide, or cancel a popup in response to an actionEventgenerated by an action component.

How do I create a popup dialog?

Create the type of popup dialog that you require, as described in Section 15.2, “Declaratively Creating Popups.” In the Components window, from the Operations panel, in the Listeners group, drag and drop a Reset Listener as a direct child to the popup component.

What is dialog framework in ADF Faces?

To provide support for building pages for a process displayed separate from the parent page, ADF Faces provides a dialog framework. This framework supports multiple dialog pages with a control flow of their own.

When does the dialog component raise a dialogevent?

The dialog component raises a dialogEvent when the end user clicks the OK, Yes, No or Cancel buttons. A dialog component automatically hides itself when the end user clicks the OK, Yes or No buttons provided that no message with a severity of error or greater exists on the page.