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How do I set up my avtech DVR?

How do I set up my avtech DVR?

Plug and Play

  1. Connect RJ45 cable to a router hooking up with Internet.
  2. Download the AVTECH mobile app EagleEyes – and install.
  3. Register an account for EagleEyes Cloud Services on EagleEyes.
  4. Scan the barcode (on the monitoring display or on the device itself, depending on the device you have).
  5. Enter the Captcha Code.

How can I connect DVR to Internet without static IP?

Step1: Login Camera on Web Browser > Now Go to Config Tab > Network > Put HTTP Port and Server Port – By default HTTP Port 80 assign (i.e 81 and 6036)> Check mark on use the Following IP Address > Assign IP Address on Camera as given example > Apply.

How do I connect my avtech?

∎ Set the network configuration of AVTECH product a) Go to “Network”, and select “Static IP”. Enter the information of “Server IP”, “Gateway” and “Net Mask” obtained from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or from the settings of your router. b) Enter the port number. The valid number ranges from 1 to 9999.

What is my CCTV IP?

The default IP address of a security camera recorder from CCTV Camera World is 192.168. 1.108. Your IP address may be different because of two possible reasons: If you have enabled DHCP for the QR code based remote viewing method your recorder is getting an IP address from your router.

What is no IP server address?

The No-IP Free Dynamic DNS service takes your dynamic IP address and makes it act as though it is static by pointing a static hostname to it and checking every 5 minutes for changes to your IP address. If your IP address changes, our Dynamic Update Client updates your hostname with the current IP address.

What is IP domain in CCTV?

CCTV DDNS is a service that enables you to access the security cameras remotely each time over the Internet with the dynamic IP address. Put it simply: Your IP cameras with free DDNS service are less accessible to hackers or intruders due to the varying IP address, which makes the remote viewing more secure.

How can I watch my DVR online without static IP?

What is default password of IP camera?

By default, the IP Camera’s administrator password is admin. And you can change the password on User Management page. If you forget the password, the only way is to reset the IP Camera to factory default setting via hardware reset button.

How can I change my DVR IP address?

From your DVRs System menu, select External Device. On the External Device menu, select TCP/IP Setup. On the TCP/IP Setup screen, select DHCP setup and press enter. On the DHCP setup screen, confirm that the DHCP mode is set to automatic.