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How do I protect my pontoon boat in the winter?

How do I protect my pontoon boat in the winter?

Tips for Winterizing and Storing Your Pontoon

  1. Clean the boat inside and out.
  2. Remove accessories, water equipment, and fishing equipment to prevent moisture build-up.
  3. Cover the boat whether it’s kept inside or outside.
  4. Use insect/rodent repellent to prevent mice from chewing through the canvas cover.

Should I keep my pontoon boat covered?

A boat cover can prevent your pontoon boat from scratches and dents that can be caused by falling twigs and branches. A cover can also protect your boat from fading, blocking the harsh rays of the sun from your boat’s interior. Keep your pontoon boat bug, pest and bird dropping free.

How do you keep a pontoons outside in the winter?

Whether your boat is staying outside or going inside, you should cover it for winter. Moisture can always pool over the cover, so keep it tight and secure. The cover should be properly sized and fitted to your boat, and insect/rodent repellent should be applied to prevent vermin chewing through.

Should you cover your boat in the winter?

But many boat owners make the mistake of thinking if their boat is stored indoors for the winter, it doesn’t need a cover. Unfortunately, that is not the case, even while stored indoors your boat’s interior can end up covered in dust and debris by spring time.

Is it OK to leave pontoon boat in water over winter?

During the winter months you should never leave your pontoon boat in the water. If you do, you’re leaving it at risk to the elements and can get hit with some expensive maintenance bills.

Do you need to winterize pontoon?

Preparing your pontoon boat for the winter months is absolutely essential to protect your investment and to ensure that your boat is in great shape and ready for use in the spring.

Should you trailer a pontoon with the cover on?

You do not need to have a cover while towing your pontoon boat, and in fact, many dealerships caution boat owners from using a cover because the cover or the boat can be damaged. Even though some people do in fact tow their pontoon boat with a cover, many pontoon boat owners do not.

Can you leave a pontoon boat in the water in the winter?

Can I leave my pontoon boat uncovered?

Not only will the rain damage a boat’s interior, but leaving it without a cover exposes it to the sun’s harmful rays. Boat covers are designed to help protect from falling sticks, animals, snow, and many other potential dangers. A boat left without a cover while not in use, will lose value very rapidly.

Will ice damage pontoons?

Will ice damage a pontoon boat? Yes. The primary part of the boat that will be damaged is the engine. If there is excess water or the boat was not properly winterized, parts of the engine will freeze and crack.

Is it OK to leave boat outside in winter?

So, can boats be stored outside in the winter? You can keep boats outside in the winter if you provide adequate protection against harsh weather. But you can’t simply park the boat on your driveway as most people do during the boating season. Leaving your boat outside during the cold season can damage the boat.

Are pontoons hard to trailer?

Loading and towing your pontoon boat on the correct trailer can be very easy even if it’s your first boat and first attempt at towing. Other than there large appearance when on a trailer they are actually easier to load and tow than most other types of boat.

How much does a 22 foot pontoon weigh?

Pontoon boats’ weight varies widely by size and specification. On average, though, a 22-foot pontoon will weigh around 2,200 pounds before it is loaded up with gear, fuel, and people.

How do I keep mice out of my pontoon boat?

5 Clever Tips to Keep Mice Out of a Boat Motor

  1. Store your boat in a clean area with concrete floor.
  2. Make sure the cover or cowling is fitted.
  3. Block the intake and exhaust ports with steel wool.
  4. Use a strong-smelling material as a deterrent eg. mothballs or peppermint oil.
  5. Buy an all-natural rodent repellant.

Should you cover a boat with a tarp?

Covering your boat with a tarp is a good idea anytime you’re storing it. Boat tarps can protect from a number of outside elements. It helps deter vandals or thieves. A boat tarp also protects from the harmful rays of the sun.