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How do I open a CSV file with the correct delimiter separator?

How do I open a CSV file with the correct delimiter separator?

Using “Data – From Text” to open files

  1. Open a new Excel sheet.
  2. Click the Data tab, then From Text.
  3. Select the CSV file that has the data clustered into one column.
  4. Select Delimited, then make sure the File Origin is Unicode UTF-8.
  5. Select Comma (this is Affinity’s default list separator).
  6. Finally, click Finish.

How do you open a CSV file in Excel correctly?

To correctly open CSV files in Excel, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a blank Excel workbook.
  2. In the Data tab, click Get Data > From File > From Text/CSV.
  3. Select the file to open and click Import.
  4. In the File origin area, select 65001: Unicode (UTF-8) and Semicolon in the Delimiters area.
  5. Click Load.

How do I change the default CSV separator in Excel?

Change the default list separator for saving files as text (. csv) in Excel

  1. Clear Excel Options > Advanced > Editing options > Use system separators.
  2. Set Decimal separator to , (a comma).
  3. Set Thousands separator to . (a period).

How do you open CSV in Excel without formatting?

Avoiding formatting change on CSV on Microsoft 365 or Excel 2019 is fairly easy.

  1. Activate the Insert tab in the Ribbon.
  2. Click From Text/CSV in the Get & Transform Data section.
  3. Select your file.
  4. You will see the preview of your data. Either click Load to import the data.

How do you open a CSV file in Excel without losing formatting?

Why does CSV file opens in one column?

When you open it in your spreadsheet editor (Excel, for example), it shows all of the data in a single column, instead of splitting them across columns. The reason behind this behavior is that CSV files (Comma Separated Values) are splitting data into columns using ” , ” as separator by default.

How do I change a CSV file delimiter?


  1. Make sure Microsoft Excel is closed before trying to change the CSV delimiter.
  2. Open Control Panel.
  3. Next, you need to access Regional Settings.
  4. Click the “Additional Settings” -button.
  5. Find the “List separator” and change it to your preferred delimiter such as a pipe (“|”).

How do I change the delimiter in Excel?


  1. In Microsoft Windows, click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Open the dialog box for changing Regional and Language settings.
  3. In the dialog box, look for the List separator setting. (Location may vary based on Windows version.
  4. Enter the desired list separator.
  5. Click Apply and then click OK.

How do I stop Excel from auto formatting my CSV file?


  1. Create new workbook.
  2. Data > From Text > Select your CSV file.
  3. In the popup, choose “Delimited” radio button, then click “Next >”
  4. Delimiters checkboxes: tick only “Comma” and uncheck the other options, then click “Next >”

Why does my exported CSV data get converted to weird formats?

Instead, this is due to the way Excel and other spreadsheet programs open a CSV file and display the data therein. Basically, spreadsheet programs are designed to be used for calculation purposes, so they tend to apply mathematical formats to numbers when the CSV file is opened directly into the program.

Can CSV file have different delimiter?

A CSV file stores data in rows and the values in each row is separated with a separator, also known as a delimiter. Although the file is defined as Comma Separated Values, the delimiter could be anything. The most common delimiters are: a comma (,), a semicolon (;), a tab (\t), a space ( ) and a pipe (|).

How do I fix comma delimited in Excel?

Text to Columns

  1. Highlight the column that contains your list.
  2. Go to Data > Text to Columns.
  3. Choose Delimited. Click Next.
  4. Choose Comma. Click Next.
  5. Choose General or Text, whichever you prefer.
  6. Leave Destination as is, or choose another column. Click Finish.

How do I stop CSV from auto formatting?

1. Save the CSV File as Text Document to Stop Excel from Auto Formatting Dates

  1. In the first place, open the CSV file.
  2. Secondly, click on the File tab. A drop-down menu will occur.
  3. Select Save As from the drop-down menu. The Save As window will appear.

What is the default delimiter in Excel?

When Excel is started, the default delimiter in the Text to Columns dialog is the tab . You can change the delimiter to another setting.

How do I stop Excel from formatting my CSV file?

After selecting the column, select Text in the Column data format field….1. Save the CSV File as Text Document to Stop Excel from Auto Formatting Dates

  1. In the first place, open the CSV file.
  2. Secondly, click on the File tab.
  3. Select Save As from the drop-down menu.

How do you save CSV file in Excel without changing format?

Saving in Microsoft Excel

  1. Open a . CSV document in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click File.
  3. Select Save As…
  4. Select File Type as CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (. csv).
  5. Click Save.
  6. If prompted, choose Keep Current Format.

How does CSV handle commas in data?

Since CSV files use the comma character “,” to separate columns, values that contain commas must be handled as a special case. These fields are wrapped within double quotation marks. The first double quote signifies the beginning of the column data, and the last double quote marks the end.