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How do I get from Stavanger Airport to the city?

How do I get from Stavanger Airport to the city?

Flybussen covers the route between Stavanger Airport and the city centre within 20-30 minutes. Buses depart from 07:25h to 19:05h. Fares are charged according to distance. Adult ticket plus 4 children cost is NOK 160 (on the bus), NOK 136 (online) and NOK 160 (through app).

How do I get from Stavanger Airport to Stavanger?

You can quickly reach the centre of Stavanger, thanks to the Airport Express Coach of Flybussen. Every 15 to 20 minutes a bus runs to and from Stavanger Airport. The most centrally located bus stops in the city are named Radisson Atlantic Hotel and Byterminalen, lane 2 (next to the main railway station).

How do you get around Stavanger?

Taxis are a good way of getting around the city of Stavanger. The best way to get a taxi is to call one of the city’s companies ahead of time. For contact information on a couple of companies located in the city, check out this Taxi Company List. It is possible to travel to and from Stavanger by ferry or boat.

What is Stavanger Airport called?

Stavanger lufthavn
Stavanger Airport, Sola (Norwegian: Stavanger lufthavn, Sola; IATA: SVG, ICAO: ENZV) is an international airport located in Rogaland county, Norway.

How much is a taxi from Stavanger airport to city Centre?

Taxi rates to and from Stavanger Airport A taxi trip from the airport to the city center of Stavanger is around 450 Norwegian kroner (45 euros). Please be aware that costs are higher in the evening, at night and during the weekends.

How do you get from Pulpit Rock to Stavanger?

Driving from Stavanger is the easiest and quickest way to reach the base of Pulpit Rock, a distance of 23 miles (36.5 km). The trip takes an hour and a half and with a ferry crossing connecting Stavanger to the town of Tau. Ferries depart frequently, take forty minutes to cross, and you buy your ticket on board.

How many airports are there in Stavanger?

The busiest route is Sola–Oslo Gardermoen, which has about 28 daily flights. In the vicinity of the airport there is an aeronautical museum, Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola….Stavanger Airport.

Stavanger Airport Stavanger lufthavn
Focus city for Bristow Norway CHC Helikopter Service Scandinavian Airlines
Elevation AMSL 9 m / 29 ft

What is the main airport in Norway?

Oslo Lufthavn
Oslo Lufthavn is located at Gardermoen (50 km from Oslo, see map) and is Norway’s main airport. If you are flying to Oslo you can also use Torp Sandefjord Airport (110 km from Oslo, see map). Many low-cost airlines fly into Torp.

Is there Uber in Stavanger?

There is no Uber in Stavanger. We have a great public transport system with the public busses. If you stay in downtown Stavanger there is no need for Uber as the town center is compact and easy walkable. Thanks to bad politics and a corrupted taxi industry Uber is not allowed to operate in Stavanger.

How much is a taxi from Stavanger to Pulpit Rock?

kr 1100 – kr 1400
The fastest way to get from Stavanger to Pulpit Rock is to taxi. Taking this option will cost kr 1100 – kr 1400 and takes 57 min.

Is Stavanger or Bergen better?

It rains less in Stavanger than in Bergen, and the landscape is more open than in Bergen, which is surrounded by mountains. On the other hand, Bergen has a concentrated center area which is very nice. Both cities have fish markets, but Bergen has the most famous one.

Is Stavanger airport big?

About Stavanger Airport It is the third busiest airport in Norway after Oslo (Gardermoen) and Bergen Airport. In 2018, the airport handled 4,250,000 passengers.