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How do I get Canon support?

How do I get Canon support?

Order & Customer Service 1-800-385-2155.

Is Canon technical support free?

(800) 652-2666Canon / Customer service

Will old printers work with Windows 10?

The good news is that pretty much any printer purchased within the last four to five years – or any printer that you’ve successfully used with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 – should be compatible with Windows 10.

How do you install a Canon printer driver?

Compatible memory cards include SD™ Card,SDHC™ Card.

  • The Public Switched Telephone Network currently supports fax modem speeds of 28.8 Kbps or lower,depending on telephone line conditions.
  • Black&white document fax transmission speed is based on default setting using ITU-T No.1 chart.
  • How to install a Canon printer driver?

    Turn on the computer system,in which you want to install Canon IP2770 printer driver.

  • Do not plug Canon Pixma IP2770 printer USB cable into the computer until it prompts.
  • Now you have to insert the Canon IP2770 printer driver disk into your computer system.
  • How do I update my Canon printer driver?

    Option 1: manually update Canon Drivers free download Go to the Canon website and enter the model number of the printer or Canon device for which you need updated Drivers Select the correct Operating System and download the Driver file Once downloaded, browse to the file and double-click to launch

    How do you install a canon scanner driver?

    Place the CanoScan Setup CD-ROM in the drive.*The main menu of the CanoScan Setup appears.

  • Click[Install]. The Notes on Software Installation will be displayed.
  • Read the Notes on Software Installation and click[Next].
  • Click[Install]on the “Install” screen.
  • When the “License Agreement” screen appears,read it carefully and click[Yes].