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How do I get an IEP for my child in Florida?

How do I get an IEP for my child in Florida?

Getting an IEP

  1. Referral or request is made for an evaluation.
  2. The child is evaluated.
  3. Eligibility is decided.
  4. The child is found eligible for services.
  5. IEP meeting is scheduled.
  6. IEP meeting is held and the IEP is written.
  7. Parents have a right to disagree.
  8. Services are provided.

Does Florida have school of choice?

School choice in Florida is a suite of state programs that allow families to use public resources to receive education outside of their neighborhood school. Florida’s Tax Credit Scholarship (FTC) program is the largest of its kind in the nation and serves more students than all but the state’s largest school districts.

Does the McKay Scholarship Program offer public school choice?

The McKay Scholarship Program also offers parents public school choice. A parent of an eligible special needs student may choose to transfer the student to another public school. “The school-choice issue is not about public versus private; it’s about choice.

When does the McKay Scholarship Program join the FES program?

Effective July 1, 2022, the McKay Scholarship Program will join the Family Empowerment Scholarship Program under the Unique Abilities category (FES UA). The public school district office completes the eligibility screening process and enters an eligibility determination for each student intent filed.

How do I view my McKay student’s fee schedule?

Once your McKay student is enrolled in a participating private school, use this secure login to view the school’s fee schedule and to keep your contact information up to date. SUBSCRIBE TO THE FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Get the latest information on news, events & more.

What is step up for students doing for McKay students?

Step Up For Students is committed to making this transition as easy as possible for McKay families and their students. We want to assure you that all McKay students who remain eligible for the 2022-2023 school year will have funding through the FES-UA program! Secure your student’s 2022-23 scholarship.