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How do I clear error codes on my LG refrigerator?

How do I clear error codes on my LG refrigerator?

Unplug the refrigerator for 2 minutes to reset the unit and allow the system to defrost again. If the error persists, the unit will require a repair service.

What does E code mean on LG refrigerator?

The E FF error code on an LG refrigerator means there’s a freezer fan problem. The most likely triggers of this code are an ice buildup around the fan blades, a failed fan motor, or a faulty main control board. Until this problem is resolved, the freezer won’t distribute cold air evenly throughout the compartment.

What are the codes for LG refrigerator?

While they may vary from one model to another, the main codes are the following:

  • Er FS: Freezer sensor error.
  • Er rS: Refrigerator sensor error.
  • F dS: Problem with the freezer defrost sensor.
  • r dS: Problem with the refrigerator defrost sensor.
  • Er HS: Problem with the humidity sensor.
  • Er IS: Problem with the ice maker sensor.

What does e mean on a fridge?

The 1E error code means the refrigerator lost power. This usually occurs from a power outage. When the 1E is displayed, the display panel will lose all functionality and the refrigerator will not dispense water or ice. (NOTE: The error code may look like 1E, 1 e, IE, or lE.) Samsung Refrigerator 1E Error Code.

What does FF mean on a fridge?

The presence of an FF error code indicates that the unit has detected a problem with the freezer fan. Frost buildup can sometimes cause this. How to Defrost Your Refrigerator Manually Unplug the unit and empty the ice bin of all food and ice.

What does 1F e mean on LG refrigerator?

LG Refrigerator Error Code Er IF & LG Refrigerator Error Code Er 1F. The Er IF Error Indicates The Ice Maker Blower Fan has a Loose Wiring Connection or may be Frozen or the Ice Maker Motor is Faulty.

Why does my Samsung fridge say E?

It is a fan error or, to be more exact, an error of the evaporator blower. It means that the machine is broken or is underperforming. This error appears during the fridge self-diagnostics when switching on or restarting the control unit.

What does CL mean on freezer?

The LED Display normally shows the measured temperature. In order to remove the alarm CL (CONDENSER CLEAN) , it is now necessary to operate these push-buttons in certain combinations as outlined below.

What does the code FF mean on a Samsung refrigerator?

This usually means the fan is frozen up, which can be caused by the door being left open or if there is a gap in the door gasket when it’s supposed to be closed.

What does e mean on Samsung fridge?

A Samsung refrigerator error code 22 E means a fan error or an error of the evaporator blower. It indicates that the machine is malfunctioning or underperforming. When turning on or restarting the control unit, this error shows during the fridge’s self-diagnostics.