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How deep is Etobicoke Olympium pool?

How deep is Etobicoke Olympium pool?

Sport 2: Aquatics (Swimming)

Specification of fields of play: 50m pool Minimum 8 lanes Approved starting blocks at both ends of the pool Minimum depth 1.35m Non-turbulent lanes markers Approved backstroke flags and 15m markers Para swimmer accessibility (change rooms and pool deck)
Meets field specifiations: Yes

Are city of Toronto indoor pools open?

Indoor pools are open year-round. Outdoor pools, wading pools, splash pads and beaches are seasonal to the summer.

Is leisure swim free in Toronto?

Swim Information & Fees Leisure swim at both indoor and outdoor pools is free for all ages. Lane swim at outdoor pools is free. Fees apply for indoor lane swim and for Aquafit: Pay-as-you-go is ideal for beginners or occasional users.

What is a leisure swim?

Sport: Swimming. A swimming pool specifically designed for leisure activities.

When was the Etobicoke Olympium built?

The Etobicoke Olympium, Meade explained, was first built in 1975 ahead of the 1976 Olympics Games in Montreal, for which it hosted several medal events during the first Paralympic Games in Canada – then known as the Toronto 1976 Olympiad for the Physically Disabled.

Are pools reopening in Toronto?

Toronto Is Starting To Reopen A Bunch Of Indoor Spaces Like Pools & Gyms This Week. Toronto is reopening several indoor recreational facilities across the city this week following Ontario’s move into the third and final step of its provincial reopening plan on July 16.

When can I open my pool in Ontario?

May two-four. For most pool owners, the default date for opening your pool in Ontario is Victoria Day Weekend. Except that might not be the best time to open your pool. Of course, Ontario’s a big place.

Is U of T pool open?

The 50m Varsity pool and 25yd Benson pool at the Athletic Centre are currently open for lane swimming! Our staff are here to help, please ask the Lifeguards if you have any questions or concerns and heed their advice. Options include lane swimming, women-only lane swimming and trans-positive lane swimming.

Where can I swim in Toronto?

There are lots of places to go for a swim around Toronto, but these are 6 of the best spots.

  • Bronte Creek. In Bronte Creek Provincial Park, the spots to swim are nearly endless.
  • St. Mary’s Swimming Quarry.
  • McCarston’s Lake.
  • The falls at Hamilton.
  • Lake Ontario at Darlington Provincial Park.
  • Elora Quarry.

When can I open my swimming pool?

As a general rule of thumb, you should open your pool when the outside daytime temperature stays consistently above 70 degrees (or 21 degrees celsius). 70 degrees is still a little too cold to go swimming, but it’s not too cold for algae.

When should I open my pool in Toronto?

Generally speaking if the weather is continuously above 70 degrees during daytime hours, it’s safe to say it’s the right time to open your swimming pool. Algae problems are more common when the temperatures begin to get warmer, and the pool cover is still on.

Does U of T have a swimming pool?

The Varsity Pool is an Olympic-sized, 50 metre pool with eight lanes, a moveable bulkhead, and is between 2.3-4.2 metres deep. The pool has 1-metre and 3-metres springboards, and 3-metres and 5-metres diving platforms. The water temperature is 80-81°F. A chairlift is available to use if needed.

Is UOFT gym free?

University of Toronto students pay mandatory athletic incidental fees and are a priority in our Sport & Rec facilities; they inform and govern our decision-making processes involving the provision of sport and recreational programs and services.

What beaches Can you swim at in Toronto?

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Beach Location
Marie Curtis Park East Beach Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario
Marie Curtis Park West Beach Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario
Marina Four Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario
Ontario Place West Island Beach Toronto, Ontario Toronto, Ontario