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Has Wolseley UK been sold?

Has Wolseley UK been sold?

UK-based heating and plumbing distribution company Wolseley UK has been sold to global private investment firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice for £308 million. The deal, was confirmed by Wolseley’s current owner, USA-based Ferguson Plc.

Who has taken over Wolseley?

The heating and plumbing distribution business Wolseley UK is to be sold by its American owners, Ferguson plc, to a private equity firm for £308m. Wolseley will now become an independent company wholly owned by Clayton, Dubliner & Rice (CD&R) funds and management.

Who bought Wolseley UK?

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice
Clayton, Dubilier & Rice has completed the previously announced acquisition of Wolseley UK, a leading specialist distributor of plumbing, heating, climate control, pipe and infrastructure & utility products in the United Kingdom, from Ferguson plc.

When did Wolseley go out of business?

Wolseley announced it would rebrand as Ferguson effective 31 July 2017, because almost all of its business was now in the United States, in the name of Ferguson Enterprises.

What sector is Wolseley in?

Wolseley UK is a leading plumbing, heating and cooling and infrastructure trade specialist merchant in the UK.

Who is Wolseley UK?

Wolseley UK is a leading plumbing, heating and cooling and infrastructure trade specialist merchant in the UK. We aim to be the first choice for trade customers across the country. We take pride in offering excellent specialist know-how, being easy to do business with and offering confidence that the price is right.

Is Wolseley a public company?

Wolseley plc changed its name to Ferguson plc in March 2017, to reflect the primacy of its operations in the United States. Ferguson plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange….Ferguson plc.

Type Public limited company

What will happen to The Wolseley?

The owner of high-end London restaurants including the Wolseley and the Delaunay has fallen into administration after trade was devastated by the pandemic.

What’s happening to The Wolseley?

One of the UK’s most renowned restaurateurs has lost control of the group which owns The Wolseley after a late night auction which saw Thai investor Minor International emerge victorious.

What do Wolseley sell?

Wolseley sells its car and machine tool business to Morris Motors, BMC, British Leyland and Rover Group. Wolseley merges with Geo H Hughes. Wolseley acquires a number of UK heating companies.

Who owns Corbin and King?

T hai hotel group Minor International has won a bitter battle for control of Corbin & King, the restaurant group behind the Wolseley and Delaunay in London. The conclusion of the lengthy ownership saga means Jeremy King, who co-founded the renowned group with Chris Corbin, will hand over full control of the business.

Who are Wolseley UK?

With parent company Ferguson plc ‘s ownership of similar operations in North America, Wolseley UK was part of one of the largest network of builders merchants in the world. This gave it advantages over competitors in terms of pricing and stock.

How did Wolseley plc perform in the first half?

Interim dividend was 36.76p a share, up from 33.28p. CEO John Martin said Wolseley delivered a good trading performance in the first half, driven by US-subsidiary Ferguson Enterprises. “In the US, residential and commercial markets remained good and industrial markets improved but were still negative.

When did Wolseley become a distribution company?

In 1982, it entered the market in the United States by acquiring Ferguson Enterprises, a distributor of plumbing supplies, with around 50 branches on the East Coast of the United States. In 1984, some of the manufacturing businesses were sold off, and since that time Wolseley has been mainly a distribution business.

Is Wolseley open to the public?

It does, however, have retail showrooms around the United Kingdom which are open to the general public. The Wolseley business began in 1887 making sheep shearing machinery.