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Does Thunderbolt Display have audio?

Does Thunderbolt Display have audio?

speaker system. You can use the built-in FaceTime HD camera and microphone to capture still images, video, and sound using applications such as FaceTime, iChat, iMovie, and Photo Booth.

How do I get sound through Thunderbolt?

Setting Thunderbolt Station audio ports as default audio input and output

  1. Open System Preferences ->Sound -> Sound Effects -> Play sound effects through -> Choose USB Audio CODEC from the dropdown list.
  2. System Preferences ->Sound -> Sound Effects -> Output -> Choose USB Audio CODEC from the dropdown list.

Where is the mic on Thunderbolt Display?

2 Answers. Show activity on this post. According to the iFixit teardown (see step 19) the microphone is indeed located above the camera behind the mesh.

Does Apple Thunderbolt Display have speakers?

In-built Speakers For the Mac mini owner, the Thunderbolt Display doesn’t just provide a bigger screen, it provides speakers, camera and microphone that are lacking from Apple’s diminutive Mac.

Does Apple Cinema Display have speakers?

Featuring a built-in iSight® video camera, microphone and speakers, powered USB 2.0 hub, and universal MagSafe® connector, the new LED Cinema Display is an ideal companion for the MacBook® family or a Mac® desktop, and is available for $999.

Does Thunderbolt to HDMI carry audio?

None of the Thunderbolt to HDMI cables carry the audio signal.

What ports are on a Thunderbolt Display?

Peripheral connections

  • Three powered USB 2.0 ports.
  • FireWire 800 port.
  • Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • Thunderbolt port.
  • Kensington security slot.

How do I play Sound through Thunderbolt on Mac?

Go to your MIDI Audio Setup again and make sure that your thunderbolt output is set to “Use this device for sound output.” Highlight it, and go down to the setup (gear icon below) to set it. From your Apple Menu, open your System Preferences and choose Sound.

Can DisplayPort carry audio?

Both HDMI and DisplayPort support up to 8 digital audio channels at up to 24 bit and 192 kHz. The main difference is that HDMI features an audio return channel (ARC).

Does the Apple Thunderbolt Display have a microphone?

Three speakers are inside the frame for 2.1-channel audio, along with a basic FaceTime HD camera and a microphone. The display is different because it has a Thunderbolt connector, which makes a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, or Mac Pro easy to hook up.

How do I connect audio to my Mac monitor?

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Sound. In the Output pane, make sure that your HDMI device is selected. If you’re connecting using a Mini DisplayPort adapter, make sure that your Mac can send audio over Mini DisplayPort.

Can DisplayPort carry microphone?

In addition, each DisplayPort cable comes with an auxiliary bi-directional data channel capable of 1 Mbit/s to carry data for touch-panels, web cams, microphones, etc. Another great feature about DisplayPort is that it can easily be converted to VGA, DVI or HDMI with the use of adapters.