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Does Rihanna have a new album?

Does Rihanna have a new album?

In an interview with GQ, in which he called Rihanna “the love of his life”, A$AP confirmed that Rihanna would feature on his next record, ‘All Smiles’. As for her own solo work, in March 2021, Rihanna confirmed that we will hear new music “soon”.

Is Rihanna a billionaire now?

Fenty’s Fortune: Rihanna Is Now Officially A Billionaire. Is It Better To Lease Or Buy A Car In Summer 2022?

Why is Rihanna a billionaire?

With a net worth of $1.7 billion, thanks largely to her stakes in Fenty Beauty as well as her Fenty x Savage line, Rihanna joins Peter Jackson, Melinda French Gates, and 233 others on the “new billionaires” list. She is the first person from her native Barbados to make the list.

What are all of Rihanna songs?

(1) Music of the Sun (August 12,2005)

  • (2) A Girl Like Me (April 11,2006) Rihanna – A Girl Like Me (Source: Who Ya Gonna Run To?
  • (3) Good Girl Gone Bad (June 5,2007) Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad (Source:
  • (4) Rated R (November 20,2009) Rihanna – Rated R (Source: …
  • What is Rihanna best song?

    Rihanna may only be 33, but she’s been a red-carpet regular for nearly half her life. And how the Barbadian singer, whose first single Pon de Replay was released in 2005, has seen her empire grow in those 15 years. The star, born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, has

    What songs does Rihanna sing?

    The song ‘Diamonds’ peaked at number one on the chart along with Sia’s song ‘Cheap Thrills.’ ‘Titanium’ peaked at the number seven position and her song ‘Wild Ones’ with Flo Rida peaked at number five on the charts. The song ‘Let Me Love You’ written for Ne-yo reached number six on the chart too and the list goes on from there.

    When was Rihanna’s last song?

    The last single that the Barbadian star released from her A Girl Like Me album is “We Ride.” The song was released on August 21, 2006, and it quickly became a hit. In the music video, Rihanna is driving a white Jeep as she is singing the song’s lyrics.