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Do you have to live in Philly to work for SEPTA?

Do you have to live in Philly to work for SEPTA?

Yes. Most of my co-workers live out of town. Some in Delaware and some live in New Jersey.

How hard is it to get a job at SEPTA?

SEPTA aims to hire approximately 22-26 people per month. Specifically, in 2014, they hired 264 people. Keep in mind, they received 10,472 applications. That’s a 2.5 percent acceptance rate.

How do you become a SEPTA conductor?

Must have a valid PA Driver’s License or equivalent. Must have paid professional experience working directly with the public, and experience handling cash is preferable. Familiarity with SEPTA Regional Rail train lines, stops, destinations, and fare structure is also preferred.

Do SEPTA employees ride for free?

Employees are provided with exceptional growth potential, competitive compensation and great benefits including: medical, dental, prescription, life insurance, pension, retirement plans, and free transportation on all SEPTA buses, trolleys and trains.

What kind of drug test does septa do?

urine test
Yes septa does a urine test. Yes, with random drug and alcohol testing.

How long is Septa orientation?

How long is the training for a bus operator? 36 to 52 days depending on size of class and location where you will train.

What kind of drug test does septa use?

What does septas pre employment drug test consist of? Yes septa does a urine test. Yes, with random drug and alcohol testing.

Does Septa train for CDL?

This school offers training in 11 qualifications, with the most reviewed qualifications being Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class B, Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Class B, Manual and Driver’s License.

How long is SEPTA orientation?

Does SEPTA have tuition reimbursement?

We invest in our employees in every phase of your career through training programs, professional educational advancement including a tuition reimbursement program and a robust employee engagement network that enhances skills and provides opportunities for growth and development.

Does septa have a pension?

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Pension Plan (SEPTA Pension Plan) is a defined benefit public pension fund based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The authority maintains five single-employer, pension plans covering substantially all of its full-time employees.

Can a female observe a male drug screen?

Can a Female Observe a Male in a Direct Observation Drug Screen, and Vice Versa? No, the observer always has to be the same gender as the employee. So even though these direct observation drug screens are pretty much full frontal, at least it’s not someone of a different gender.

How old do you have to be to retire from SEPTA?

SEPTA tries to mess with the pension. Also, you have to wait until age 65 to collect. The pension plan was subpar to what I was used too. The worst thing is having to work 30 years in order to receive it.

How much is a septa pension?

Septa Pension Plan You can choose between a 3.5% or 6.5% contribution. The formulas for the pension payout is different depending on what you choose. Nice to get a pension, but the amount taken from your salary keeps rising and the payout at retirement keeps shrinking.