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Did Stevie Ray Vaughan play in the Fabulous Thunderbirds?

Did Stevie Ray Vaughan play in the Fabulous Thunderbirds?

With the loss of his younger brother and the success of Family Style, Vaughan decided to leave the Thunderbirds and pursue a solo career. In the mid-1990s Wilson returned to California where he continued to tour and record with a variety of musicians under both his own name and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Did SRV ever play a Telecaster?

What’s particularly cool is that SRV is playing a Fender Telecaster in this clip—which is certainly something of a rarity. Be sure to stick around for the extended solo at the end of the video. In case it isn’t clear, that’s Jimmie with the white Strat and Stevie Ray with the Tele.

Is Jimmie Vaughan related to Stevie Ray Vaughan?

Jimmie Lawrence Vaughan (born March 20, 1951, Oak Cliff, Dallas County, Texas, United States) is an American blues rock guitarist and singer based in Austin, Texas. He is the older brother of the late Texas blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan . Several notable blues guitarists have had a significant influence on Vaughan’s…

Did Jimmie Vaughan play in the Blues Brothers?

Since 1997 Fender has produced a Jimmie Vaughan Tex-Mex Stratocaster. Vaughan appeared in the 1998 released film Blues Brothers 2000 as a member of the fictional “Louisiana Gator Boys” blues band led by BB King. Vaughan is close friends with Dennis Quaid. They worked together on the film Great Balls of Fire.

What is Jimmie Vaughan’s solo album Strange Pleasure about?

The album was light, blues-influenced rock, with Jimmie Vaughan singing on several tracks. Vaughan released his first solo album Strange Pleasure in 1994. The album contained a song “Six Strings Down” that was dedicated to the memory of his brother.

Did Jimmie Vaughan play Wah Wah with Hendrix?

In return, Hendrix gave Vaughan his own touring Wah-wah pedal. Jimmie Vaughan developed his own easily recognized personal style. He formed the band The Fabulous Thunderbirds with the lead singer Lou Ann Barton and harpist Kim Wilson, bassist Keith Ferguson, and drummers Mike Buck and Fran Christina.