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Did it hit 70 degrees in Antarctica?

Did it hit 70 degrees in Antarctica?

Antarctica hit 70 degrees above average in March, an apparent world record. U.S. (NEXSTAR) – Ten days ago weather stations in Antarctica recorded a mind-bending heatwave that saw temperatures rip 70 degrees above the normal temperature for that time of year – an increase scientists say was likely a new record.

What is the hottest that Antarctica can get?

Eastern Antarctica’s Concordia research station, operated by France and Italy and about 350 miles from Vostok, climbed to 10 degrees (minus-12.2 Celsius), its highest temperature on record for any month of the year.

How hot does the South Pole get in the summer?

Antarctica The Arctic
The annual mean temperature at the South Pole in winter is -76F (-60C) and -18F (-28.2C) in summer. The annual mean temperature at the North Pole is -40F (-40C) in winter and 32F (0C) in summer.

Did the South Pole used to be warm?

Today, the South Pole records average winter temperatures of 78 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. But roughly 90 million years ago, the fossils suggest, Antarctica was as warm as Italy and covered by a green expanse of rainforest.

Does it ever get above freezing in Antarctica?

Despite having the coldest climate on Earth, sometimes temperatures rise high enough above freezing to allow for rain in some parts Antartica. Despite having sub-zero average temperatures, coastal Antarctica is sometimes above freezing, allowing rain to fall.

Where is the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth?

Furnace Creek
Official world record remains 134°F at Furnace Creek in 1913 In 2013, WMO officially decertified the official all-time hottest temperature in world history, a 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit (58.0°C) reading from Al Azizia, Libya, in 1923. (Burt was a member of the WMO team that made the determination.)

Do commercial planes fly over Antarctica?

Few airlines fly between cities having a great circle route over Antarctica. Hypothetically, flights between South Africa and New Zealand, or between Perth, Australia, and certain destinations in South America (including Buenos Aires and São Paulo), would overfly Antarctica, but no airline has scheduled such flights.

What is the warmest temperature ever recorded at the North Pole?

66.5 degrees
The record-breaking heat of June 2020 prompted the WMO to create a climate category for extreme weather events at the poles: “highest recorded temperature at or north of 66.5 degrees, the Arctic Circle,” reports Scott Neuman for NPR.

Why do you have to block out windows in the South Pole?

To minimize light pollution at the South Pole, window coverings are installed over every station window. Over the years, winter-overs have taken the time to decorate them.

Does Antarctica ever get above freezing?