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Can you swim in French Creek PA?

Can you swim in French Creek PA?

Swimming is offered at the swimming pool by Hopewell Lake, from 11:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M., from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day, unless otherwise posted. The pool is near the shore of the lake and provides a beautiful setting for swimmers and sunbathers.

How much does it cost to swim at French Creek State Park?

You can’t swim in the lake so there is a large pool in the park. It costs $8 per person to enter. You get $1 off if your camping. This is a beautiful State Park and well worth the trip no matter how you enjoy it.

Can you kayak in the Yellow Breeches?

Start by reviewing the Yellow Breeches Creek Water Trail Map & Guide (pdf.), which provides a list of access points, suggested trip ideas, and recreation information for approximately 22 miles of the Yellow Breeches Creek in Cumberland Valley. If possible, you should provide your own kayaks, canoes, or tubes.

What fish are in the Yellow Breeches Creek?

Yellow Breeches is heavily stocked with brown, rainbow, and brook trout. There is also a decent amount of wild trout as well that can be very selective. The most popular section of Yellow Breeches is located between Boiling Springs and Allenberry Resort. This is a catch and release only area and is alive with trout.

Where can you swim in Allegheny River?


  • Allegheny Reservoir.
  • Dewdrop Recreation Area.
  • Elijah Run Boat Launch and Shoreline Trail.
  • Handsome Lake Boat Access Campground.
  • Hooks Brook Boat Access Campground.
  • Hopewell Boat Access Campground.
  • Kiasutha Recreation Area.
  • Kinzua Beach.

How long does it take to float on the Yellow Breeches?

Float Times The moderate flow rate is closer to 2 miles-per-hour. The float rate for paddling a boat is 1 to 2 miles-per-hour but will vary depending upon paddling skill and level of paddling effort versus drifting and resting.

Can you fish Yellow Breeches?

The Yellow Breeches Creek is famous for stocked brown trout. Many anglers prefer to fish at Allenberry Resort, where there is ample parking on the opposite side of the creek, easily accessible waters and the beautiful backdrop of the Allenberry grounds.