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Can you make companions use different weapons New Vegas?

Can you make companions use different weapons New Vegas?

However, if you give them a different gun, then they will use it as long as it’s more powerful than their default weapon, and it will consume ammo. For example, if you give Boone an anti-materiel rifle, then you’ll also need to give him some .

Do companions lose weapons New Vegas?

There is a glitch in the Gomorrah casino in Fallout New Vegas where you companions weapons are never given back. This is how you get your lost companion weapons back.

What is the best companion in Fallout: New Vegas?

Raul Tejada is, without a doubt, the best companion in Fallout New Vegas. His perk, Old Vaquero, improves the rate of fire of revolvers and lever-action firearms by 33%.

Can you marry in New Vegas?

You can get married in Vegas even if you’re not a U.S. resident. Your Las Vegas wedding is a legal marriage recognized around the world! Most countries require a certified copy of your marriage certificate ($20) and an apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State ($20).

How do you change companions weapons?

How to get my companions to change weapons and or armor. Just take whathever equipped weapons or armor they have out of their trade menu and give them what you want them to use.

Do companions use your ammo?

As noted in previous answers, companions do use ammo for their equipped weapon, other than their default.

Where does Gomorrah keep weapons?

Position yourself next to the rightmost safe (not the wall safes), look behind the safe next to you, and go into third-person mode. You should be able to access a “hidden” unowned safe containing all your weapons.

Can you take companions to honest hearts?

You can bring your companions with you in the DLC.

Can you sleep with sunny smiles?

There’s sleeping partners in Fallout: New Vegas (otherwise known as sex partners). Unfortunately, Sunny Smiles isn’t one of them.

How do you customize your companion?

If you want to preview companion’s customization just press CTRL + Left Mouse Click. Players can override the starting appearance of the companion by modifying hair, skin tone, eyes and other previously unchangeable physical features.

Do companions have infinite ammo FNV?

Characteristics. Magical companion ammo is a special ammunition type that companions with ranged weaponry use when no regular ammunition is currently within their inventory. Magical companion ammo is infinite (unless certain conditions are met) and hidden, e.g. Craig Boone has an endless amount of .

Do companions have infinite ammo?

Companions have unlimited ammo for their default weapon. Their default weapon is glued to them and cannot be removed.

How do I get my weapons back from the tops?

Whenever you leave the casino you’ll get everything back. Though with The Tops, depending on how you deal with Benny, you can keep your weapons there at all times. Otherwise, just hand over your weapons, you’ll get them back whenever you leave a casino.

How can I help troike?

How Little We Know: Troike can either be freed from his contract or assisted by finding a missing shipment of weapons. For the Republic, Part 2: After convincing Troike to help take down the Omertas, he will eventually suggest using thermite to destroy the Omertas’ weapons cache.

Is Dogmeat a boy or girl?

Dogmeat is female :: Fallout 4 General Discussions.