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Can you drink alcohol in Vermont state parks?

Can you drink alcohol in Vermont state parks?

There is no movement to restrict alcohol consumption in Vermont’s state parks. Maine statute gives the Bureau of Parks and Lands the authority to establish state park laws and policies. The bureau, by regulation, bans “intoxicating beverages”.

Can you swim in Osmore Pond VT?

Swimming: Swimming is available at Boulder Beach State Park. Fishing: Osmore Pond has some great fishing. Mostly brown trout can be found in the waters of the pond. Boating: Boats are welcome at the park.

Are Vt state parks open for day use?

Generally, most parks are open from Memorial Day through Labor Day or the 2nd Monday in October, with some opening earlier, and some remaining open later.

Is Button Bay pool open?

The pool is closed in 2021 due to COVID-19. Boating: Boats are welcome at the park. There is a boat launch near the park. Fishing: Lake Champlain has lots of great fishing.

Do any Vermont state parks have electricity?

At this time none of the Vermont State Parks sites have water, electric or sewer hookups. Universally accessible sites are within 150 feet of drinking water, toilet facilities and showers.

Where is kettle pond?

Kettle Pond State Park is a state park near Marshfield, Vermont in the United States. It is one of seven state parks located in Groton State Forest. The park is on Vermont Route 232 two miles west of Groton. The park is located on Kettle Pond (109 acres), an undeveloped pond.

Do Vermont state parks have RV hookups?

There are no hookups in Vermont State Parks campgrounds, but there are dump stations and water spigots. Vermont is also home to private campgrounds that offer amenities and amazing locations.

Are Vt state parks free?

Vermont State Parks rely on user fees for day-to-day operation and maintenance. To enjoy unlimited, discounted use of the parks, consider a season vehicle pass or an individual pass.

Where is Button Bay Vermont?

Button Bay, previously known as Button Mould Bay or Buttonmold Bay, is an area of shallow water on the east shore of Lake Champlain. It is located in the town of Ferrisburgh (near Vergennes), in Addison County. It is situated between the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondack Mountains in New York.

Can you pitch a tent in a lean-to?

You can stay in a different lean-to the following night. Lean-tos are to be shared; you can offer to share the shelter with others who arrive after you, and you can expect to share the lean-to if you’re the later arrival. Or, you can pitch at tent or set up your hammock or sleeping bag nearby.

Why are they called kettle ponds?

If the kettle is fed by surface or underground rivers or streams, it becomes a kettle lake. If the kettle receives its water from precipitation, the groundwater table, or a combination of the two, it is termed a kettle pond or kettle wetland, if vegetated.

How deep are kettle ponds?

Kettles may range in size from 5 m (15 feet) to 13 km (8 miles) in diameter and up to 45 m in depth. When filled with water they are called kettle lakes.

Can you camp in Vermont right now?

If you’re feeling spontaneous, you can camp in a campground without reservations, space permitting. Most parks, even in summer, will have at least a few sites available, especially mid-week. Vermont State Parks do not hold a specific number of sites open for “drive-in” campers.

What is a Green Mountain passport?

Green Mountain Passport is a discount program for seniors and veterans. Holders of the passport gain free admission to VT State Parks (overnight camping and other park fees are excluded) and VT State Historic Sites.

What does Boondocker mean?

Boondockers are comparable to the modern-day homesteaders and off-grid enthusiasts. Where homesteaders see themselves as living off the land, boondockers see themselves as living “with” the land. They love being free to move from place to place and assimilate into whatever surroundings they set up camp around.

What is there to do at Little River Reservoir State Park?

Adjacent to the park are miles of hiking trails for campers and day users that take in the rich cultural and natural history of the area. The management plan for Little River Reservoir State Park was developed in 2002 and is incorporated as part of the Mt. Mansfield State Forest Long- Range Management Plan.

Does Little River State Park still have chimneys?

Now, half a century later, only a few solitary chimneys and concrete foundations remain. Today, Little River State Park is one of the most popular parks in central Vermont. Waterbury Reservoir is particularly favored for boating with a portion of the reservoir devoted to quieter uses.

Where can I camp in Central Vermont?

Little River State Park, which is part of Mt. Mansfield State Forest, is home to central Vermont’s largest and most popular campground. The campground has 81 tent/RV sites, 20 lean-tos and five cabins.

Are the bike trails at Little River Worth the cost?

Growing up here little river was were one went to jump off cliffs into the reservoir….now they’ve added awesome flow mountain bike trails. These fast fun flowy bermy perma grin trails are well worth the $5 admission. The climb up is not for the uninitiated. Great camping too. Read more Written March 4, 2018