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Are Turtle Mats worth it?

Are Turtle Mats worth it?

Turtle Mats are tried, tested and trusted to trap 95% more dirt, dust and moisture from entering your home, keeping your floors consistently spotless. It couldn’t be easier to keep your Turtle Mat’s clean too.

Can you cut a Turtle Mat to size?

Am I able to cut a Turtle Mat? Yes, both backings (latex & multi-grip) are able to be cut down to a specific size. They won’t fray as they don’t have a continuous thread but we do recommend you wash several times before cutting as a small level of shrinkage may occur.

Are hug rugs as good as Turtle Mats?

Turtle Mat v Hug Rug The difference is in the backing for the design mats. The Hug Rug waffle backing from recycled car tyre powder will grip a hard floor but not grip so well to a carpet, whereas all Turtle Mat design mats have a studded backing that grips a hard floor and also gives improved grip on a carpet.

How do you measure a door mat?

How to Properly Size a Doormat

  1. Measure the length of the doorframe, including screen doors and frames.
  2. Measure the number of inches from the concrete or ground to the bottom of the door frame.
  3. Measure the length of the doormat you want, including trim and borders.
  4. Measure the thickness of the doormat you want.

Can Turtle Mats be used on Amtico flooring?

And it’s the rubber base of the Turtle Mats that makes them ideal for use on luxury vinyl planks and tiles from brands like Amtico and Karndean, as the properties in the latex are non-damaging and anti-stain. A Turtle Mat won’t budge either, being slip resistant on hard floors and remaining flat on carpets.

Do dirt trapper mats work?

There’s no magic involved in the Dirt Trapper’s capacity to make muddy footprints disappear, although you may well be forgiven for believing so once you’ve tried one out. The great ability of a Dirt Trapper mat to literally trap moisture and dirt is down to science.

Can Turtle Mats be tumble dried?

Please do not put your outdoor mat in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

What size is standard door mat?

Standard outside doormat sizes begin at 18 x 30 – this is one of the most commonly purchased size. It works well for single doors. A standard front door measures around 36″ wide.

Can you use Turtle Mats on LVT flooring?

What mats are suitable for Karndean flooring?

We recommend using Turtle Mat with our floors. Started in 1994, The Turtle Mat Company have been innovating floor mats for over twenty five years with stylish designs and exceeding quality.

What is a muddle mat?

An ultra absorbant doormat which leaves floors clean and dry, easy care as it is fully machine washable, and has a non slip backing.

How do you take care of a turtle mat?

Caring for your outdoor mat

  1. Shake outdoor mat to remove any loose dirt.
  2. Hose down your mat to remove the dirt, hang mat up to dry.
  3. Use a stiff brush to remove any dried mud.
  4. Please do not put your outdoor mat in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

What’s the best outdoor mat?

Natural rubber: The superior choice over synthetic PVC due to its durability in the face of harsh weather conditions, natural rubber is the best material for a rugged outdoor mat.

What is the best door mat for outside?

Can I use Turtle Mat on Amtico?

What is a turtle mat?

Turtle Mat stops 95% of dirt, dust and moisture from entering your home, keeping your floors consistently spotless. Made with super absorbent recycled cotton fibres, the machine washable Turtle Mat stops dirt and moisture in its tracks.

How do I care for my turtle mat?

How do I wash a Turtle Mat? Turtle Mats can either be hand or machine washed up to 40°C using a colour kind non-biological detergent without bleaching agents/optical brighteners, as this helps to preserve the colour of the mat.

What are the mats made from?

Latex & Multi-Grip Classic mats are made from a cotton rich pile (70% cotton, 30% Microfibre). All Turtle Mat design mats are made from a recycled cotton pile. Backings are made from latex and nitrile rubber (Multi-grip).

What is the turtle tile made of?

Our tiles are made from 100% quality recycled PVC and have an end-of-life buyback program. For over forty years, the Turtle Tile is the original interlocking cushion tile for fire/rescue apparatus/utility truck compartment matting or as ergonomic safety mats and heavy duty floor matting.