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Are protein blocks good for deer?

Are protein blocks good for deer?

Protein & mineral blocks not only help your deer grow larger antlers and bodies, but are a great place to capture trail camera photos during summer and fall. Through winter deer subsist largely on a diet high in coarse fiber (predominantly woody browse).

How long does a deer feed block last?

6 to 10 months. Keep them out of water puddles. yep, the best thing to do is set them on a stump to keep them off the ground. they will lick, eat the stump.

Where do you put mineral blocks on a deer?

It’s best to put your minerals out near bedding and feeding areas, locations where the deer will find and use it. Keep your mineral site in the same place year after year, because the deer will learn where that spot is and keep using it.

Do deer blocks work?

Blocks can range from simple salt blocks—generally somewhat effective at drawing deer—to a mixture of salt, other minerals and flavors that some deer have a hard time resisting. Most mineral blocks made specifically for deer contain a large amount of salt, along with the various other minerals in different amounts.

When should you put out a salt block for deer?

Early spring is a great time to place a salt lick at your mineral site. Whitetails crave salt more in spring and summer—when water and potassium are high in lush green vegetation—than at any other time of year.

Do deer feed blocks work?

Where do you put deer blocks?

When putting these deer blocks out, consider somewhere where there is water nearby. Water is an automatic attractant for them. Look for little shallow crossing areas on trails along the bank where game are traveling, just set the deer block down right there and you can call it good.

When should I put mineral blocks on my deer?

Minerals like BioRock or Full Draw Block are always beneficial for deer, but the most activity around minerals is in late winter through the beginning spring when deer are trying to put on weight and recover from the winter. Late summer is also a great time for minerals as the bucks are finishing out their racks.

Is it OK to put out salt blocks for deer?

All hooved mammals love salt, so licks made only of salt do a fine job of attracting deer. Licks with added flavors, minerals and nutrients can be even better, especially if you find one the deer in your area really love.

Which is better for deer salt or mineral block?

Heartland mineral supplements and deer blocks, in addition to being nutritionally superior to plain salt, are enhanced with apple and acorn flavoring to attract deer year round. Deer will continue to routinely visit our ‘built’ product sites long after their craving for additional salt has subsided.”

Can deer smell a mineral block?

Now what? Nothing; deer can smell the salt for miles. They will smell it, crave it and come to you; they need those minerals, guaranteed.

Do deer licks salt blocks?

White-tailed deer, like many other hooved mammals, crave salt and other minerals. That’s why many hunters use mineral blocks, licks and other mineral-based attractants as part of their hunting plans, and why so many manufacturers make such products specifically for hunters.

Is it illegal to put out salt blocks for deer?

Again, it is illegal to use salt/mineral blocks to attract deer for the purpose of hunting. Even after this product has dissolved into the soil, that location is still considered “baited,” as deer will still be attracted to that area to consume the product that has leeched into the soil.