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Are post shops open during lockdown?

Are post shops open during lockdown?

“Outside of Auckland, PostShops will remain open, but are following all Government advice and safety guidelines including high hygiene standards and physical distancing of two metres. If customers have an item they wish to send they can also do so by booking a contactless pick-up via Print Postage Online.

Does NZ Post deliver on public holidays?

If your standard mail was due to be delivered on a public holiday, it will be delivered on the next working day assigned for your street. e.g. if you are on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday route and Monday is a public holiday, your mail will be delivered on Wednesday. Priority mail will be delivered the next working day.

Are NZ Post couriers working today?

Economy and Courier services are suspended until further notice.

Are post shops open during lockdown near Auckland?

Under the Orange Traffic Light, our NZ Post stores are open.

What time does NZ Post stop delivering?

Monday then becomes the sending day….Courier – Delivery Targets.

Service Target
Business addresses* By 9am the next working day
Residential addresses By 5pm the next working day
Rural delivery addresses Additional 2-3 working days to standard target delivery
Saturday Delivery By 12 noon

Do delivery services work on public holidays?

Do couriers pick-up or deliver on national or bank holidays? Delivery companies and post offices work around the clock to deliver as many packages as possible before the festive days since most couriers do not collect or deliver any parcels on national or public holidays themselves.

Is Saturday a business day for NZ Post?

We define a business day as a standard weekday – Monday to Friday (not including public holidays). We can still deliver on Saturdays but the sender of the parcel will need to apply an additional ticket to the parcel for this service.

Do couriers work on public holidays?

Who owns NZ Post?

New Zealand Post is a company with over 170 years of history. Since 1987, it has operated as a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) with the NZ Government as the 100% shareholder.

How many parcels does NZ Post deliver per week?

2 million parcels
That huge demand for online shopping has resulted in NZ Post delivering over 2 million parcels every week.”

Is courier Post still delivering?

We are working to have 90% of new parcels in our network delivered within three days across the country. There are no specific areas where we have significant delays. Thank you for your patience. Please use our tracking tool to check details for your delivery.

Is Saturday a working day for an post?

Working days are Monday to Friday and exclude Saturdays, Sundays, Good Friday and bank or public holidays.

Do couriers work on bank holidays?

Does courier work on public holidays?