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Are LS2 helmets made in China?

Are LS2 helmets made in China?

These days LS2 are headquartered in Spain and produce well over 1,000,000 motorcycle helmets a year in their China factory, selling their helmets globally – including to North America, Europe and Australasia. You’ll find all our LS2 crash helmet reviews on this page.

What does LS2 stand for?

LS2 Meaning

1 LS2 Helmet, Motorcycle, Business
1 LS2 Helmet, Corvette, Technology
0 LS2 Helmet, Product, Business

How much is a LS2 helmet?

New (11) from $299.98 & FREE Shipping.

Who manufactures LS2?

In 1990 a modest helmet business is started in a small work shop in China. Since then and over 25 years due to the growing demand of helmets and to a good vision of the future by its creators Arthur Liao and Stephan Liao, LS2 has grown at a vertiginous pace becoming today a recognized brand worldwide.

Is LS2 all aluminum?

The LS2 was essentially an aluminum version of the 6.0L truck block with flat-top pistons, LS6 heads, and an LS1 cam.

Is the LS2 good?

The LS2 also has the convenience of being one of the most adaptable engines, with the ability to fit LS1, LS6, LS3, and L92 cylinder heads. In summary, the LS2 is clearly the better all-around package from the factory.

How much horsepower does a LS2 have?

400 hp
Delivered from the factory in the base C6 Corvette, SSR, GTO, or as a crate engine from GM Performance Parts, the LS2 delivers an honest 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque.

Is Snell better than dot?

Impact Analysis Both of these standards use accelerometers to figure out how fast the helmet stops moving during the impact test as well. But their standards are different here. The DOT allows for up to 400Gs of peak acceleration while the Snell standards only allow up to 275Gs.

What year did the LS2 come out?

LS2. The LS2 engine was introduced by GM in 2005 as the new base engine for the C6 Corvette as well as the standard powerplant for the 2005-2006 Pontiac GTO. When first introduced, GM stated that the LS2 was built on the new Gen IV small-block architecture.

How can I make my LS2 faster?

On a stock LS2 car engine, the following upgrades can improve performance and fuel economy:

  1. A cold air intake kit.
  2. Headers.
  3. A cold thermostat.
  4. An aftermarket exhaust system.
  5. A computer programmer.