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Are Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto friends?

Are Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto friends?

“He’s one of my best friends. I’m a huge fan of his, I’d support him to the end of the earth,” said Quinto, who is a fan of ZFZ director Craig Zobel as well and loved the movie. “Star Trek guys stick together, but Chris and I definitely, we stick together for sure.”

Who is Chris Pine best friend?

Zachary Quinto
Zachary Quinto And Chris Pine’s Bromance Is The Best Bromance. May this friendship live long and prosper.

Who is Zachary Quinto’s partner?

Quinto began dating model and musician Miles McMillan in the summer of 2013. In early 2015, the couple moved into a NoHo, Manhattan apartment they purchased together.

What does Chris Pine play in?


Year Title Role
2016 Star Trek Beyond James T. Kirk
For the Love of Spock Himself
2017 Wonder Woman Steve Trevor
2018 A Wrinkle in Time Dr. Alexander Murry

Does Chris Pine drink alcohol?

Since then, police have said that the actor was stopped at 3:27 a.m. and breath and blood tests indicated that his blood-alcohol level was 0.11, according to Christchurch’s the Press. Prosecutors said that Pine admitted to having four vodka drinks.

How old was Chris Pine in Star Trek?

41 years (August 26, 1980)Chris Pine / Age

When did Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff date?

From 2010 to 2013, Groff was in a relationship with actor Zachary Quinto. Groff dated New Zealand choreographer Corey Baker from 2018 to 2020.

Who is Spock now?

Leonard Simon Nimoy (/ˈniːmɔɪ/; March 26, 1931 – February 27, 2015) was an American actor who achieved international fame for playing Spock in the Star Trek franchise for almost 50 years; from two pilot episodes in 1964 and 1965 to his final film performance in 2013….

Leonard Nimoy
Unit Special Services

Is Chris Pine married to Annabelle Wallis?

Chris Pine and Annabelle Wallis have called it quits. The couple has broken up after about four years together, according to multiple outlets. While a reason for their breakup has not been revealed, the two have been known to keep their relationship quite private.

Does Chris Pine have a child?

Chris Pine Children Chris Pine cHildren’s parents are both very supportive of him and his love life. They have five children together.

Are Chris Pine and Robert Pine related?

Chris Pine was born in Los Angeles. His parents are actors Robert Pine and Gwynne Gilford, and his maternal grandparents were Max M. Gilford, a president of the Hollywood Bar Association, and actress Anne Gwynne. His sister, Katherine Pine, has also acted.

Who does Chris Pine play in Marvel?

The 1960s television series not only sparked other television shows and is continuing to do so on streaming, but also in films, including a theatrical reboot starring Chris Pine as James Tiberius Kirk, the captain of the USS Enterprise.

Why did Jonathan Groff and Zachary Quinto break up?

According to an Us Weekly report, “Star Trek” lead Quinto and “Glee” actor Groff have called it quits due to their busy acting schedules. “Zach being away and filming was not easy on them,” a source explained to the mag. “Now he’s going to be in New York with his new Broadway play ‘The Glass Menagerie.

Are Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto back together?

Just days after it was revealed that they’ll reunite as James Tiberius Kirk and the Vulcan Spock in Star Trek 4, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto reunited in real life. Pine, 41, and Quinto, 44, were spotted hanging out together at a Prada event in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

Is Chris Pine back on the market?

NEWS: Chris Pine is back on the market! “That relationship is the core of what Kirk goes through,” the 32-year-old actor says of Kirk and Spock’s close friendship. “The arc and the trajectory of his journey is huge, almost Greek.

Is Chris Pine a pretty face?

Although he describes himself as a handsome leading man—“I am part of the white, brown-haired, blue-eyed population”—i n the June/July cover story, Chris Pine is more than a pretty face. As he goes on to explain, “We’ve been given a great opportunity, but in order to carve out our niche, we’ll have to do a good job of differentiating ourselves.