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Who owns Peoples post code lottery?

Who owns Peoples post code lottery?

Novamedia/Postcode Lottery Group
People’s Postcode Lottery is a not-for-commercial-gain organisation owned by Novamedia/Postcode Lottery Group, the creators of the postcode lottery brand.

What are the odds of winning the People’s Postcode Lottery?

As there are approximately 1,080,000 postcodes in each draw this gives us 8 in 1,080,000 chance of winning or 1 in 135,000.

Is it worth doing the postcode lottery?

In 2021, over 77% of players won prizes with People’s Postcode Lottery. These included £10 wins, £1,000 Daily Prizes, £30,000 Street Prizes and shares of the monthly Postcode Millions prize. Thousands of postcodes win each week, and millions of pounds in prizes is won every month.

Is People’s Postcode Lottery a con?

Sometimes, these scams can involve an individual posing as People’s Postcode Lottery. The scammers contact members of the public by letter, email, phonecall or SMS message. The scammers will then claim that their target is a winner of a special lottery award or discount shopping vouchers.

How much profit does the Postcode Lottery make?

The annual report for the year to December 2019, recently filed with Companies House, shows that PPL raised £138.5m for charity in 2019 – an increase of 19% on the previous year. Ticket sales increased by £67.7m compared to the previous year, and post-tax profit was £4.3m (compared to £2.9m previously).

Which postcode has won the most on Postcode Lottery?

The Postcode Lottery’s luckiest postcode is Exeter’s ‘EX’ address, with 454 wins among a population of 547,511 people. This is around 82.9 wins for every 100,000. They are closely followed by Telford with 82.5 wins per 100,000 and Shrewsbury in third with 78.9.

Who gets the money from Postcode Lottery?

33% of the ticket price goes to supporting charities. Our players have raised millions of pounds for good causes. By playing People’s Postcode Lottery, you give yourself the chance to win great prizes, but you also help some amazing charities do vital work.

Can I keep my Postcode Lottery if I move?

The full address specified must be your main residence, including a postcode for an address in Great Britain. You can play with a postcode which is different from your registered address provided your active contact details are provided; and 4.4.