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What do you get for being a Madridista?

What do you get for being a Madridista?

Pick up your exclusive personalised card which identifies you as a Madridista. Join the Club. The Madridista loyalty program brings the Club closer to all the fans who want to feel more part of Real Madrid, and recognises them as official supporters of the team wherever they are.

What can you do with a Madridista card?


  • 15% discount in the Online Store.
  • Exclusive Hospitality ticket purchase service.
  • “Hala Madrid” Online Magazine.
  • All the Club’s latest news to your email.
  • Competitions with exclusive prizes.
  • Annual draw for a trip to Madrid.
  • Monthly draws.
  • Welcome and annual renewal ​pack.

What does El Madridista meaning?

adjective. of or relating to Real Madrid football club. masculine and feminine noun. (= jugador) Real Madrid player.

How much does it cost to become a Madridista?

The Madridista card has a price of 35 euros/year, and for children under 14 years, of 20 euros/year. In addition, there is the SPECIAL OPTION (senior: 60€/year, junior: 50€/year) with which you get even more advantages: a special welcome pack and the official club magazine.

How do you become a Real Madrid socio?

Instead, fans can purchase membership in the club. Members are known as “socios” and pay a small per-year fee of €150 for membership. Once an individual has been a member for 50 years, the membership fee is waived.

Can you buy Real Madrid?

Real Madrid tickets can also be purchased directly from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium from box office 44. As you approach the stadium, you will see the windows for the box offices.

What do Real Madrid fans call themselves?

Madridista definition A fan of Real Madrid.

What are Barcelona supporters called?

Spanish football fans have grown up referring to FC Barcelona fans as Culés and Real Madrid supporters as Vikingos – and that’s how fans from both clubs proudly describe themselves.

How do I become a Real Madrid socio?

For members who have been part of the club for more than 25 consecutive years. The annual membership fee is 149,19 €. For members who have been part of the club for over 50 consecutive years. For members who have been part of the club for over 60 consecutive years.

Is Chiliz a socios?

In Socios’ case, the platform centers around sports, with users buying Chiliz to purchase the fan tokens representing various teams in soccer, football, motorsports, and more.

Can anyone buy Real Madrid?

Real Madrid are one of the last major fan-owned clubs in world football. The Spanish giants are not owned by any corporation, individual, or consortium. Instead, fans can purchase membership in the club.

How rich is Real Madrid?

The World’s Most Valuable Soccer Teams 2022: Real Madrid, Worth $5.1 Billion, Is Back On Top.

How much does Fly Emirates pay Real Madrid?

Fly Emirates’ deal with Real Madrid was originally signed in 2013 for five years. The deal is worth 25 million Euro / season (up to 30 million Euro with bonuses).

Why is Barcelona called cules?

The Spanish word for bottom is Culo, and the Catalan equivalent is Cul. So the Barça fans who would watch games perched on the wall of La Escopidora soon became known as Culers in Catalan, or Culés in Castillian Spanish very loosely translated into English as The Bottomers, or Bleacher Bums…

What does Culer mean in Catalan?

The word ‘culer’ comes from the Catalan word for ‘bottom’.